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Smooth Waxing Bed Paper Roll


High quality, smooth finish paper. Non perforated, continuous roll. Extra length, 21 inches wide by 225 feet long.

 PAPERROLL  Waxing bed paper roll, each     Price: $3.95

 PAPERROLL-12  Waxing bed paper roll, 12 rolls     Price: $46.00

Mist by Spa Simplu


Our signature product is Mist by Spa Simplu. Mist takes all of the messy and time-consuming work out of producing perfectly steamed towels.


With a 9 towel capacity, Mist is the perfect size for individual treatments, whether it is a facial, a massage, a manicure or pedicure, a hair treatment or a hot shave.


With a counter footprint of just 11Ēx11Ē, Mist fits into the smallest treatment room or is ideal for the mobile therapist.


With Mistís digital settings, the towels reach a perfect temperature and level of moisture saturation in just 15-20 minutes, but then can be kept warm for up to two hours.


With Mistís handy towel separator, the towels can simply be rolled up dry and placed into the towel container without having to do any messy pre-wetting and rinsing.


With Mistís accompanying water-soluble essential oils, the water can have a couple of drops of oil added using the external water spouts and so each treatment can be easily customized to the client Ė a more masculine scented steam and towel for menís shaves or a calming and soothing lavender scented steam for a relaxing massage. The options are limitless.


With the automatic shutoff, the front water level, the external water spout, the digital settings, the hinged and snug fitting towel container, and the dual voltage, there is no more need to worry about scalding of fingers and hands, concerns about stability of the steamer, worries about electrical problems or any of the other problems that spa and salon professionals face with their current hot towels warmers.


  • 11x11x11 counter top dimensions
  • 5lb weight
  • Two models for your country: 110V (USA) or 220V
  • Added towel separator allows for ease of rolling and securing towels when put in dry
  • Dishwasher safe top components
  • External water spout allows for refilling of water without having to lift the basket
  • Digital settings allow for customized timing and no loud ticking of a manual timer
  • Automatic shut off when water runs dry
  • Hinge at back of towel container allows for snug fit of lid while providing stability and a mechanism to lift the lid for removal of towels without condensation dripping
  • Square shape allows full use of footprint space thereby increasing towel capacity
  • Materials used are BPA-free, heat and steam resistant and safe to use with water-soluble essential oils
  • Towel basket fits snugly inside base providing greater stability and no dripping
  • Front-facing water level shows when to refill water
  • Proprietary steam dispersing tray provides highly efficient steaming


MIST-110     Mist Towel Steamer, 110v AC    Price: $70.00

MIST-220     Mist Towel Steamer, 220v AC    Price: $70.00


Hot Towel Cabinet, single door


This Hot Towel Cabi keeps towels at around 160 degrees for refreshing, hygienic treatment. Holds approximately 24 regular manicure size towels or regular towels. Dimension (w)17.75" x (d)11" x (h)14"


Also available Hot Cabinet mini. Holds 24 facial towels. Dimension (w) 13.75" x (d) 11" x (h) 14". 130 watts.


HC-1           Hot towel cabinet    Price: $149.88

HC-MINI           Hot towel cabinet    Price: $98.88





Hot Towel Cabinet Plus

Hot Cabi Plus is perfect for your salon or spa. Large capacity bins will hold 48 regular manicure size towels or regular facial towels. Professional appearance will enhance any work area. Maintenance free unit will heat towels to around 160 degrees for use anytime during the day. Separate on/off switch for top and bottom cabinet to conserve energy.

Dimension (w)16.25" x (d)17" x (h)17.5"


HC-PLUS      Hot towel cabinet plus    Price: $168.00


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