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Toe Nail Clippers


Ideal for clipping back acrylics and cutting nail tips and toenails. Comes in "Straight Cutter" and "Curve Cutter".

TNCLIPPER-S-1     Toe nail clipper, straight, each    $1.50

TNCLIPPER-S-12  Toe nail clipper, straight, 12 pieces/box  $15.00

TNCLIPPER-C-1      Toe nail clipper, curve, each    $1.50

TNCLIPPER-C-12    Toe nail clipper, curve, 12 pieces/box    $15.00




Trim Fingernail & Toenail Clipper set.

    41000  Trim Fingernail & Toenail Clipper set.   $2.00




Trim Cuticle Remover/ Pusher with Sapphire File

    04287  Trim Cuticle Remover/ Pusher/ Sapphire File, each   $2.88



Trim Cuticle Remover/ Pusher

**out of stock**    12140         Trim Cuticle Remover/ Pusher, each     $1.98



Trim Ultra Fine Nail File

    05720         Trim Ultra Fine Nail File, each     $2.98



Large Glass File, 2 sided

Glass nail file for all nail types, this high quality file is durable. Hygienic and easy to clean. Individually wrapped in plastic bag. Overall length 7.6 inches x 0.8" width.

    GLASS-FILE         Large Glass File, each     $3.88


NailTek Crystal File

Seal and protect your nails tips with this file featuring a special patented surface that helps prevent splitting and peeling of natural nails. Abrasive surface will not wear out. Made from fine, imported, tempered glass. Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Comes in 3 sizes, Professional (7 inches), Regular (5 inches) & Mini (3 inches) Also available Swarovski Edition (NT-55583)

    NK19190    Professional Size NailTek Crystal File, each        $10.88

   NT-55576 Reg. Size NailTek Crystal File/ case, Fuchsia, each   $8.00

 NT-55577 Reg.Size NailTek Crystal File/case, Cobalt Blue,    $8.00

   NT-55583 Reg. Size NailTek Crystal File/case/Swarovski Crystal  $11.88

Swissco Emery Glass

Glass nail file for all nail types, this high quality file is durable. Hygienic and easy to clean. Comes in assorted color tip handle. Overall length 5.5 inches.

    SWISSCO         Swissco Emery Glass, each         $5.98  $4.68

The Chrome File

Two-sided, Precision crafted chrome file. Shapes and finishes. Use plastic tip handle for gentle cuticle care. Use for shaping nails and cleaning under nails. Can be used for manicure and pedicure. Overall length 6 inches.

    TX27660         Chrome Nail File, 6"         $2.98



Stone Eraser, nail finisher & cuticle remover (Hindo stone)

*Finishing Nails

 Cut and shape nail as desire, with stone eraser smooth the tip, underside and top.

*Removing Cuticle

Dip the tip of the stone eraser into warm water. Rub stone eraser back and forth on the surface of the cuticle until it is removed.


Length 4.3 inches

  ST-ERASER1        Stone eraser, each   $1.28

  ST-ERASER24      Stone eraser, 24/box   $25.92
 Pink Stone File

Finer than the diamond file. Can be use wet or dry. Also usable to push back cuticle. Overall length 4.5 inches.

  STONEFILE        Pink stone file, each   $1.35
 Twist Drill

Use to make hole in the nail for dangling nail charms or screw mount on nail charms. One end is a drill bit and other end is a 2.5 mm nut driver. Gold plated

  TW-DRILL        Twist drill, each    $2.50
Body Toolz Double Sided Nickel Callus Foot File

Abrasive Nickel surface will gently smooth away rough hard calluses.
The smooth Nickel surface will smooth feet or heels after using the abrasive side.
Easy to hold curved handle allows you to file hard to reach areas. Size - 8 inches.

  CS2810        Body Toolz 2 Sided Foot File, each    $7.48

Body Toolz Callus Shaver with 10 blades.

   Plastic Handle Callus Shaver with 10 Blades removes unwanted calluses. Easy to Use.
  • Clean & soak feet to soften hard skin.
  • Lightly glide the shaver across callus or corn to remove thin layers of hard dead skin.
  • Caution: Do not use on live skin or use on people with diabetes or hemophilia.
  • CS3457    Body Toolz Callus Shaver, each  $4.78

    Mehaz Corn Planer

    Remove corns and calluses by gently drawing blade across skin. Use great care as blade is very sharp. Include 1 blade.
    Made in Germany.

    062    Mehaz Corn Planer, each  $4.95

    Credo Elegance Corn Cutter with Rasp

    Remove ugly, painful corns and callus from the feet in seconds. Developed by experts with years of experience, this handy tool will remove even the most stubborn calluses and corns gently and effectively. Includes one interchangeable blade and rasp. Features comfortable ceramic handle for additional control. Not recommended for diabetics and those with poor circulation. Made in Germany.

    CREDO-TOOL    Credo Corn Cutter with Rasp, each  $5.95

    M Blade, replacement corn blades.


    Quality replacement corn blades for corn cutter. Made in Germany. Comes in pack of 10 blades or pack of 100 blades.

    MBLADE-10        M corm blades, pack of 10 blades   $1.25

    MBLADE-100        M corm blades, pack of 100 blades   $11.00

    Satin Edge Needle Nose Tweezer

    Stainless steel, satin finish, sharp pointed tip. Perfect for ingrown hairs and splinters.

     **out of stock** SE-2020        SE Needle Nose Tweezer     $4.88




    Stork Shape Scissors

    Imported high quality scissors for silk, fiberglass and linen for wrap application. 3.75" in length.

     **out of stock**   SCI-STORK        Stork scissorsr, each   $3.15



    Economy Wrap Scissors

    Imported high quality scissors for silk, fiberglass and linen for wrap application. 3.65" in length.

      SCI-WRAP       Economy wrap scissors, each   $2.95

    Dotting Tool

    Use for designing small flowers, marble design, picking up rhinestones or anything that you could think of. Handle is wood and the size of pencil for easy handling. Overall length is 5.25 inches.

      DOTTOOL         Dotting tool, each   $2.99



    Polish Corrector Pen

    Felt tip, chisel point filled with acetone for easy correction or removal of excessive nail polish on the skin. Refillable, just open the back cover and fill with a little acetone. Comes with a cap to prevent pen from drying.

      CORRPEN-1        Corrector pen, each     $0.99
      CORRPEN-12        Corrector pen, 12 pens     $9.95


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