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Cotton Candy & French White Tip Polish, 0.5 oz.

Economical and professional quality polishes.

   Cotton Candy polish 0.5 oz.   $1.88

   French White Tip (solid white) polish 0.5 oz.   $1.88

   Solid Black (solid black) polish 0.5 oz.   $1.88


Cotton Candy & French White Tip Polish Refill, 8 oz.

Economical and professional quality polish refills.

  Cotton Candy 8 oz. refill   $10.00

   French White Tip (solid white) 8 oz. refill   $10.00

   Solid Black (solid black) 8 oz. refill   $10.00


REDI Polish Thinner, 0.5 oz & 2.5 oz Ball Bottle with dropper


Professional quality polish / lacquer thinner. Thin out old / thick polishes for easy application. Comes with a convenient glass dropper to avoid spillage and over thin.

**out of stock** REDITH-05  Redi Polish Thinner with dropper, 0.5 oz.   $2.88

REDITH-25  Redi Polish Thinner with dropper, 2.5 oz.   $4.38



Polish Corrector Pen

Felt tip, chisel point filled with acetone for easy correction or removal of excessive nail polish on the skin. Refillable, just open the back cover and fill with a little acetone. Comes with a cap to prevent pen from drying.

   CORRPEN-1           Corrector pen, each        $0.99

   CORRPEN-12        Corrector pen, 12 pens     $9.95


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