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Christine Ashley, Barefeet  Cooling Spray

Helps combat fungus and bacteria while cooling, deodorize, and refresh hot tired feet. This versatile product can be used before and after your pedicure.

  CA56633        C.A. Barefeet Cooling Spray, 8 oz. w/ spraypump    $5.88
  CA56668        C.A. Barefeet Cooling Spray (refill), 32 oz.    $14.88

Christine Ashley, Barefeet  Cool

Deep penetrating icy-cold refreshment for tired feet. This therapeutic gel contains menthol, camphor and peppermint oil to help relieve aching muscles.

  CA56630        C.A. Barefeet Cool, 8 oz.    $5.88
  CA56665        C.A. Barefeet Cool, 32 oz.    $14.88

Christine Ashley, Barefeet  Treatment

Concentrated theraphy cream for dry callused areas on feet and ankles. This special formula also helps give quick relief for tired feet.

  CA56636        C.A. Barefeet Treatment, 8 oz.    $5.88
  CA56671        C.A. Barefeet Treatment, 32 oz.    $14.88
  CA56681        C.A. Barefeet Treatment, 128 oz.    $26.00
Christine Ashley, Barefeet Pedi Masque

Perfect pampering treatment. It conditions and soften skins while soothing and energizing tired muscles. Leaves feet feeling cool and revitalized.

  CA56694        C.A. Barefeet Pedi Masque, 8 oz.   $5.88


Christine Ashley, Creamy Cuticle Remover & Conditioner

Helps soften the cuticle around the nail, use for easy cuticle remover.

  CA56658        C.A. Creamy Cuticle Remover & Conditioner, 16 oz.   $3.00



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