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 CND Almond Intro Kit

A perfect starter collection of CND's award-winning Almond SPAMANICURE®products. Contains everything you need to provide 10 hydrating spa services.

CR09112       CND Almond Intro Kit        $30.00

 CND Marine Intro Kit

A perfect starter collection of CND's award-winning Marine SPAPEDICURE®products. Contains everything you need to provide 10 hydrating spa services.

CR09113       CND Marine Intro Kit        $30.00

Creative rawearth, Spa Pedicure, Foot Mask

A conditioning volcanic clay foot masque fortified with a rich blend of hydrating and protective vitamins and minerals. Available in 4.5 oz, 12 oz. & 70 oz.

Volcanic clay delivers vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents deep into the skin. Moisturizes, aids in fighting free radicals and helps improve elasticity with vitamins A, E, panthenol (pro vitamin B5) and evening primrose oil. Helps protect skin against environmental stress with rhodochrosite stone extract and grape seed extract.

Deeply conditions and helps protect skin. Silky texture allows for ease of application and removal. Relaxes and comforts with aromatherapeutic ginger, patchouli and clove bud. Respects the environment with refillable station size tubes and eco-friendly bulk foil pouches.

 CR09156        Creative rawearth, Foot Mask, 4.5 oz.    $6.60

CR09157        Creative rawearth, Foot Mask, 12 oz.    $17.05

 Creative Spa, Cucumber Heel Therapy.

An intensive moisturizing complex that aids in the repair of dry, cracked skin.

Deeply moisturizes and speeds healing with Allantoin and Urea. Helps calm irritation with Cucumber Extract, Chamomile and Aloe. Improves elasticity with Panthenol.

Relieves the effects of severe dryness on heels and other parts of the body. Daily use provides noticeable improvement in a short time. Concentrated formula can be used sparingly (cost-effective).

CR09250      Creative Cucumber Heel Therapy, 2.6 oz        $8.50

CR09131      Creative Cucumber Heel Therapy, 15 oz        $20.85

 Creative Spa, Sea Serum, 4 oz.

Sea Serum Callus Treatment

CR09100       CreativeSpa, Sea Serum, 4 oz        $14.00

 Creative Spa, Foaming Sea Soak, 2 oz.

A concentrated seaweed foot soak with a fresh fragrance and a light, lacy foam that cleanses and softens. Cleans feet and hydrates skin. Produces a light, lacy foam when gently agitated. Leaves no residue in footbath.

CR09202       CreativeSpa, Foaming Sea Soak, 2 oz        $2.95

 Creative Spa, Massage Oil

Naturally light, fragrant oil provides the perfect balance of glide and grip. Perfectly lubricates skin for an effective massage. Leaves skin moisturized and glowing. Provides the aromatherapeutic benefits of Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Oil.

**out of stock** CR09310       CreativeSpa, Massage Oil, 4 oz       $6.60

CR09312       CreativeSpa, Massage Oil, 33 oz       $27.50

 Creative Spa, a.h.a. Sea Scrub

An aromatic foot scrub with quartz crystals, natural beach sand and marine alpha-hydroxy acid for dual exfoliation of rough, dry skin on the soles of the feet. Physically exfoliates with quartz crystals and beach sand. Chemically exfoliates with 5% marine alpha-hydroxy acid. Prepares calluses for deep, targeted exfoliation with Sea Serum. Smooths and softens rough, dry soles. Provides the aromatherapeutic benefits of natural peppermint oil. Rinses easily from the skin.

CR09109       CreativeSpa, a.h.a. Sea Scrub, 21 oz        $18.95


Creative Cuticle Remover, 6 oz.

A professional strength cuticle remover and callus softener. Dissolves dead skin (cuticle) for easy removal from the nail plate. Breaks down tough calluses. Aloe counterbalances the drying effects of Sodium Hydroxide. Allows for quick, easy and thorough nail prep. Provides fast and effective treatment for calluses. Thick formula allows for safe, controlled application.

CR07050      Creative Cuticle Remover, 6oz       Price: $5.70


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