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What does EPA registration mean to you?

Protecting our health is an integral part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's mission. The EPA monitors air and water quality and works to reduce exposure to contaminants in the air, land, and water. The EPA regulates antimicrobial pesticides, which are defined as substances used to destroy or suppress the growth of microorganisms on inanimate objects and surfaces. If a product claims to disinfect or sanitize microbes on a surface or object, for example, a spray that claims to sanitize pedicure foot trays, it must have an EPA Registration Number and Establishment Number. Antimicrobial manicure and pedicure products that are used on humans (i.e., antiseptic solutions or ointments) are regulated by the FDA. Products that make both of these types of claims are subject to both EPA and FDA regulation.

Today, approximately one billion dollars each year is spent on a variety of different types of antimicrobial products. More than 5000 antimicrobial products are currently registered with the EPA and sold in the marketplace.

Only one is registered for disinfection of foot spas, that product is Pediclear.