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Divina PediClear, Disinfectant Crystals For Pedicure Spas

Pediclear is the first EPA registered, chlorine and toluene-free, one-step disinfectant specifically for foot spas. It achieves cleaner water because it actually disinfects (kills 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds) and not just sanitizes (99.9% in 10 minutes).

Pediclear disinfects and oxidizes in one-step, reducing the maintenance and turnaround time between clients. It also doesn't need to be pH neutralized. And since it is nearly pH neutral, Pediclear causes less irritation and less damage than other acidic or caustic products commonly used.

Pediclear is a consistent, low-cost disinfectant with a very long shelf like. You only need 2-grams of Pediclear per 5 to 8 gallons of water. That means that a 1 lb. bottle will give you 226 applications.

Unlike many other products currently being used, Pediclear does not produce noxious odors, so your customer's enjoyment and pleasure is increased with clean, clear, sparkling water.

What does EPA registration mean to you?  click here

  DPEDICLEAR-8        Divina PediClear 8 oz. (1/2 pound)    $28.00
  DPEDICLEAR        Divina PediClear 16 oz. (1 pound)    $45.00

Divina Sparific, Peppermint

Pedi Bath & Soak

. Arouses your or your customer's physical senses.

. Aroma therapy and anti inflammatory.

. 100% soluble, non staining, non toxic.

Let yourself or your customer escape into paradise with this enlivening blend of botanicals and Aloe Vera oil.

  DSPARIFIC         Divina Sparific, 10 pounds pail          $28.00  $20.00
  DSPARIFIC-45         Divina Sparific, 45 pounds pail           $65.00

Divina Foot Soak

Foot Bath, Cleans & Refreshes

Concentrated foot bath with Tea Tree Oil design to cleanse, soften and prepare feet prior to any foot care service. Salon proven.

  DSOAK-16        Divina Foot Soak, 16 oz.       $4.50
  DSOAK-128       Divina Foot Soak, 128 oz. (1 gallon)        $20.00

Divina Foot Scrub

Cleansing Gel,  Exfoliates & Polishes

Pedi scrub stimulates circulation while it softens & reduce rough callused skin. Sea Kelp & Aloe conditions skin, leaving it soft and smooth. This easy to rinse gel is great as a face and body scrub too. Salon proven.

  DSCRUB-16           Divina foot scrub, 16 oz.          $6.90
Divina Sea Splash

Astringent, bio-balanced formula

Sea Splash is a deep cleanser which is made to remove stubborn grime not removed by regular washing such as trapped oil, imbedded dirt, makeup, etc. A refreshing cooling sensation signals that your skin is clean, fresh, invigorated.

  DSSPLASH-16      Divina Sea Splash, 16 oz.      $1.95
  DSSPLASH-128   Divina Sea Splash, 128 oz. (1 gallon) pick up only  $14.88


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